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Village Hall Newsletter

Welcome to our January newsletter.

Happy New Year to You All

West Lavington Village Hall eventHope you had a wonderful Christmas.

At the Hall we have been quite busy. Full drawings have been prepared for its upgrade which will shortly be available for you all to see. They will be posted in the Library and we will seek an open forum where your ideas, as well as the ones we are putting forward, can be discussed. The Parish Council have seen these plans, since any works involving construction, additions and alterations must concern them.

There are four main objectives within our plans, together with a number of other minor ones. A new entrance, internal catering facilities for up to 100 people, lounge and bar area with access to the patio and view over the downs and a second meeting room similar to the Giles room, but with modern communication facilities which allow commercial hire for business meetings. Once plans are agreed within the village the next major task will be to seek funding.

Improvements aside, we are always seeking to involve you all more. If you have any ideas how we can do this please email me at

West Lavington Village Hall event Why not start up a new group?

Feeling adventurous enough to start up a new group but worried about the cost of setting one up? Don't be – we are happy to financially assist new groups to set up at the Hall so please do email me with your ideas.

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Then why not join our lottery! We now have 23 members which helps fund our Village Hall and you might win a monthly cash prize which is currently £14.66 a month. For details how to join please visit our Lottery page.

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Have a great January for our February newsletter.

Michelle Duckworth
West Lavington Village Hall Manager