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A UK registered charity number 305593
West Lavington Village Hall Wiltshire Fete Photograph courtesy of Peter Blundell of the Holloway steam engine at the West Lavington Village Hall Fete.

West Lavington Village Hall event
West Lavington Village Christmas Tree Appeal 2019

Christmas is a time for a community to come together. Our village is missing its own Christmas tree, a real focal point where people can rejoice together.

This year we are hoping to raise enough funds to have our own community Christmas tree outside the Village Hall and to host a Christmas Tree Festival where we can all come together, watch the lights being turned on and enjoy food and drink. Please help and donate what you can to the cause and let’s see our village sparkle!

Our Registered charity number is 305593.

Available for parties, wedding receptions and special events, West Lavington Village Hall in Wiltshire is the ideal venue for all occasions